About Joel

Joel Gabriel Kempff is currently a student at the University of Montana, studying English literature and creative writing (During the spring of 2015 he will be in Cork Ireland, studying literature and Latin.)  Before returning to his education he worked for nearly a decade as a journalist in Montana and Oregon where he received awards from both the Society of Professional Journalists and the Oregon Associated Press.  Joel has published short fiction for the Oval magazine at the University of Montana and received the annual SpoCon Award for Best Flash-Fiction in 2013.


One thought on “About Joel

  1. Thank you so much for all your informative posts regarding Cork, Ireland…..my daughter leaves Monday,Aug 31st for her Sr year fall semester at UCC….and after I read your blogs/info I feel that she will survive/thrive!! BTW she is also a Latin Scholar, having 4 years a Catholic all girls HS and an officer in the Jr Classical League. Also have the Montana connection….my niece married an amazing man from Sheridan, Montana the day after my birthday last October in Cancun and they are now expecting the next generation of Duprau/Witts!!!

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